Choosing the Right Programming language to Learn?

There are over 600 different programming languages, all designed to accomplish different tasks.

Which should I learn?

Most people try to answer this question by asking “Which one makes the most money?”

That is a great question and is very fun to see the high salaries you could earn if you gain the skills of that Programming Language.

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Programming Languages base Salary

Here are some Numbers to get your mind rolling

Java: $60K - $120K/year

Python: Average $77,362/year

Swift: Average: $127,651/year

Go: Average $138,500/year

C++: Average $71,677/year

C: Average $105,276/year

Web Development: $46K–$98k/year

Those numbers look pretty good, right? But there is a reason why learning to code pays so well. It’s not easy.

It’s easy to choose a language to learn by how much money you will make, But if you hate your job it makes it really hard to go to work each day.

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What do you enjoy? = The Language to learn

Most people want a job they enjoy. I believe with code, there is a place for everyone. do you like the math and the nitty-gritty of how things work and connect and function, or do you like the visual and seeing everything fit together?

Web development includes front-end and back-end. The backend will never be seen by the user but holds everything together, and the front end will make it user friendly and usable.

Same with Java, Java is used for Android. So if you like designing how the app looks then you can use Android Studios to design and created a beautiful app for millions of people. You get to see your work as you create it. There is also the back-end of apps that needs math and logical knowledge.

If you get good at your coding job, the money will come

Don’t chase after the money, money is a bonus of learning how to code. You need to love tech and the idea of coding.

First, learn what you enjoy to do and then look for a programming language that fits.

If you want to make apps for iPhone, Learn Swift.

If you want to make apps for Android, Learn java/Kotlin.

If you want to make front-end websites, Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript,

If you want to learn back-end websites, Learn Python, PHP, Javascript, etc

If you want to learn data science, learn Python

The List goes on…

Find what you want to do than learn the programming language that does it best

After you find your goal, then you need to LEARN.

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There are hundreds of books and YouTube videos that can teach you anything you ever need to know.

Google is the programmers friend, if you don’t know it, Google it!

In conclusion, don’t try to learn a programming language just so you can get a big paycheck. Learn to code to solve a specific problem that you want to be done. Then learn what you need to learn to do what you want to do.

Don’t stop at one language, Once you learn one, the others will be a lot easier. C++ is a good starting point. It will teach you Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

But remember… Choose what you want to do, then learn the language that does it best.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I enjoy learning about tech and sharing it with you. If this article was helpful please show your appreciation with a clap.




I talk about Technology, specializing in Apple. I love learning about new software and hardware and sharing it with others.

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I talk about Technology, specializing in Apple. I love learning about new software and hardware and sharing it with others.

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